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di Patrizia Colbertaldo

Albert Einstein was a great scientist and a "great" in many aspects of his life. There are many of his phrases that I love and from which we can draw inspiration. I was lucky enough to meet great people in my life, people that for the positions they hold and for the names they bring might seem unattainable, but what often surprised me has always been their simple approach. The simple style of communication, let me really think that simplicity is one of the greatest secrets of success. Because who has thought big things and realized great ideas in reality is a complex thinker who has managed to make the complexity of his thought and his ideas simple and accessible. In fact, a winning idea is often an idea that must be expressed in something SIMPLE to spread and succeed. Because simplicity reaches the heart. From the etymology of the term the simple word derives from the root sem- (one only) and plectere (fold), that is, bent once. If what is folded only once is easy to open, it is also true that it must be open anyway, so simplicity is not trivial, but it is something that must be learned by opening a sheet that has only one fold but which is in any case closed. That's why understanding simplicity and becoming simple people needs the will without which we could not open a folded sheet. Unfortunately, however, we often live life by explaining very complex origami made up of thousands of folds when true knowledge is contained in that single fold that is the root and origin of the word SIMPLE.

Many great personalities have transmitted messages on simplicity: from Leonardo da Vinci, who considered it as the highest form of luxury, to Cocò Chanel who said that simplicity is the essential note of every elegance, to Albert Einstein of which I quote two sentences on the simplicity that I particularly love:

1. "I believe that a SIMPLE and discreet life-style is the best thing for everyone, the best thing for the body and the mind"

2. "I am not a genius, I am just curious, I ask many questions, and when the answer is SIMPLE, then God is answering"

Successful people and genes have always had and still have great simplicity that is the opposite of vulgarity and arrogance.


Let's take 10 lessons that we can learn from some of Albert Einstein's finest phrases, a brilliant man curious about science and mysteries, a man who changed the world and who was the most influential physicist of the twentieth century with his theory of relativity , which is the cornerstone of modern physics. Einstein received also the Nobel Prize for physics for his services in theoretical physics and in particular for the law of photoelectric effect. He was also a great thinker, and a great philosopher and moral leader who wrote hundreds of books and articles.

1. Follow your curiosity

"I do not have a special talent, I'm just passionately curious"

Curiosity helps to fuel our imagination. By asking questions to others we can find new important informations to help us to solve problems, open new doors and form connections. When we ask questions to ourselves, we can instead shake our convictions, reveal our innermost desires and bring about positive changes in our lives. But how often do we listen to others? Very little usually! We believe that we know about everything that we don't need to listen to anyone, or we are too engaged with our thoughts to really listen to someone, or often when someone talks to us we are more focused on what we could argue than on listening. Listening really and carefully would be essential but we don't do it too much. And do we listen to ourselves? Are we asking questions? Usually we are so taken by ourselves and our supposed truths, or so running that we do not have time to stop and think and ask questions, but it would be essential.

2. Persevering

"It's not like I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with the problems longer."

If you have a dream, you will surely face obstacles, but staying longer with problems is the key to success, and it makes the difference between success and failure. Some ways to learn to be persevering, are in the commitment that we must put forward in our dreams, and in maintaining a positive attitude even before the inevitable difficulties; in addition, we must remain focused on the goal.

3. Focus on the present

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a beautiful girl is not simply giving the kiss the attention it deserves"

This is the great example used by Einstein to explain the importance of living focused on the present: If on the contrary, we are too worried about the past and / or the future, we can lose many pleasures that life can give us. Focusing on the present every day will bring us greater joy and peace and will also give us more appreciation for life, for big things and even for the smaller ones, like drinking a simple cup of coffee.

4. Imagination is powerful

"Imagination is everything, it is a preview of the emerging attractions of life: imagination is more important than knowledge"

An empire can be built from a single idea. Let's take the example of Walt Disney, a true master of imagination, who got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse from an old domestic mouse he had on his farm. That black and white mouse that became a legend of cartoons. Imagination opens the door to an infinite realm of possibilities!

5. Make mistakes

"A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new"

Errors are inevitable especially when one pursues something worthwhile. Mistakes can be disappointing and difficult but often necessary to test our true commitment to the ultimate goal. What great things are ever accomplished without first experiencing some sort of failure? The real failure is in not starting or not completing something.

6. Live the moment

"I never think about the future - it comes early enough"

The present moment is all that we really have, even though it may be a difficult concept to understand.

Echart Tolle in his book "The Power of Now" that I invite you to read if you have not already done so, wrote that the measure of a person's success in being truly in the present moment is given by the degree of peace he feels inside of himself. By becoming more aware of the present moment, we can focus on what matters most.

7. Create value

"Try not to be a success, but rather to be of value"

How would you define success? And what will make your life a success? These are important questions to ask yourself. It may be that you want to raise your children healthy and happy, or have meaningful and fulfilling relationships, or be authentic in conversations, or even write a book, make a career, feel good every day, or anything else that is important to you but you must be constant and sure to keep paying attention to what you want and use perseverance. What really expands is what we focus on.

8. Do not be repetitive

"Madness: always do the same thing and expect different results"

If you have been unhappy in some areas of your life, for example in relationships or with money, choose to do something different tomorrow. The idea is to get out of the routine and every comfort zone you've built. If you have a frustrating or unsatisfactory job, think about what you can do to change the situation. Sometimes a new perspective on the same situation is enough to open our eyes to new possibilities. The first step is to recognize dissatisfaction and then take one or more actions towards satisfaction.

9. Knowledge derives from experience

"Information is not knowledge, the only source of knowledge is experience"

In fact, experience creates knowledge that is respected and appreciated by others. We can read books, listen to recordings and follow courses, but the experiences we do in life represent the greatest lessons. Every life story is full of knowledge and people are ready to listen to them because the most authentic and most convincing way to make the difference is experience.

10. Learn the rules of the game before playing

"You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else."

To become an expert in something, learn everything you can on that subject, study the success of others and aim to do better than them. The greater your commitment and your passion, the greater your success will be.

Sometimes we preclude the success and realization of a dream that we keep locked up in a drawer, and we condemn ourselves to a life of unhappiness just because we do not believe enough in ourselves, or simply because we do not know the rules of the game, or maybe we need someone who helps us and guides us towards success. And this happens even more to women who tend to be always a step behind and who often experience problems of self-esteem or carry feelings of guilt by putting the family and others as a priority and voting for a life of renunciation and frustration . A coaching and training path can be important and should be done by everyone; for ourselves, for greater awareness, and for achieving those goals that seem impossible for various reasons, or even because we do not know where to start.

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