Loose your weight faster with cryoteraphy

by Rosalba Formigli

What is Cryotherapy?

Imagine taking a shower, but instead of water you are surrounded by dry and cold air for about 3 minutes: not enough to freeze but enough to motivate the brain to activate some functions that stimulate the immune system, promote the release of endorphins that also reduce pain sensitivity and give a good mood. The effect of the criosauna also stimulates the blood flow by helping the internal regeneration of the organs, and helps to expel toxins from the subcutaneous layers, promoting cell renewal and the replacement of damaged cells with the elimination of dead cells from the peripheral tissues. Each organ is positively influenced by cryotherapy which also helps to promote self healing according to the latest US research.

How can you lose weight fast?

The skin temperature drops to 0 degrees in about 40 seconds and after leaving the "sauna" the skin temperature rises to 40 ° as a result of the generation of body heat that is created to survive at extremely low temperatures. Subsequently the temperature returns to normal and a sensation of freshness  that lasts about 5 hours is obtained. During these procedures there are biochemical processes that consume a large amount of energy, from 500 to 800 calories per treatment. Undergoing a series of treatments of criosauna therefore effectively increases the speed of metabolism. Since the success of weight loss is determined by the increase in metabolism, with cryotherapy you can loose more  weight quickly and not regaine it.

Is cryotherapy a safe treatment?

Yes, it's safe, painless and surprisingly comfortable. No negative side effects have been reported and many studies now confirm the safety and usefulness of cryotherapy procedures. It can be done at any age, it is good for athletes and those who play sports and also improves the beauty of the skin as well as giving a sense of greater energy and vitality. So if you are following a proper diet to lose weight, and if you do exercise, with the criosauna you will achieve the results much more quickly. Usually 7 to 15 treatments are sufficient.


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