Tagliatelle with pistachio pesto sauce!

A very healthy recipe based on vegetables and pistachios. The pistachio is rich in fatty acids and helps to prevent cholesterol,  contributes to weight control because it is part of "good fats" (if not consumed excessively), while vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamins, and spelled pasta is much more tolerated than wheat.

Ingredients for 2 people

140 gr. of wholemeal spelled pasta

50 gr. of shelled pistachios

an untreated lemon peel

150 gr. of clean green beans

extra virgin olive oil cold pressed


Put on to boil the water for the pasta where you will also cook the green beans.

Meanwhile, crush the pistachios in a mortar and add the grated lemon rind and a little bit of oil to make pesto. When the pasta is cooked together with the green beans, stir with a little 'cooking water and add the pistachio pesto.

Enjoy your meal!


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